• To develop and/or manufacture the finest leather products which could meet the customer’s expectations in quality, delivery time, and other key standards.
  • To be a competitive company and to maximize its share in the market all the way through adopting new technology, process innovations, and world-class business strategies.
  • To develop and engage on ensuring a healthy and friendly relationship with the environment and community.
  • To develop the workforces of the Company through providing on-job or off-job top-notch trainings and education so as to advance their skills and profession in leather production industry.

Fay Fashion aspires to be the recognized centre of Excellence in leather, canvas and fabric products, which are preferred by the consumers in the global leather market.

Strive for customer satisfaction

  • Improve and innovate continuously
  • Supply orders within time frame
  • Treat customers and employees with respect
  • Encourage team work
  • Passionate about excellence
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